Treasury: ${{money}}

Crystals: 0

Level {{playerLevel}}

Sand Pit
Value Per-Click: ${{sand.value}}

A small sand pit near your home

Assistant Miners ({{assistants.workers}})
Next Assistant: ${{assistants.workerCost}}

The backbone of your operation

Trucker Transports ({{truckers.workers}})
Next Trucker: ${{truckers.workerCost}}

Transports materials for clients

Mine Supervisors ({{supervisors.workers}})
Next Supervisor: ${{supervisors.workerCost}}

Operates new mines for you

Stone Quarries ({{quarries.workers}})
Next Quarry: ${{quarries.workerCost}}

A simple stone quarry

Next Unlock
Next Unlock

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We have several planned features for later stages of development that will make having an account more worthwhile. This might include a paid shop to buy crystals and materials (In progress), and a leaderboard to show who has made the most profit within the game. We hope to add other features as well down the road.

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Game Info

Ore Clicker is developed by Corbin Hunter @ Frostfire Studios LLC using JavaScript and Vue.js.

This game is currently in "Early Access", and is inspired by Cookie Clicker (Shocker), and Adventure Capitalist.

This game will always be FREE, however we plan to test different ways to make money later down the road (No worries, we can all agree microtransactions are annoying).

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